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I post various topics on the sport of female bodybuilding such as upcoming contests, about the beautiful ladies who live this sport, & anything else to do with female bodybuilding. Anyone is welcome to put in thier thoughts or email me. Just keep it civil.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Just look at those pecs!

They look like they can snap a mans ribcage!

Who says blondes don't have more fun? Maria Calo, in all her adorable...and giant...muscularity, looks like she is so happy and excited she's about to inhale out of her bikini.

I am sure the spectators are VERY excited.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Cornelia's monstrous upper body shot

I think she has such a pretty smile in this for one. And she looks so sweet and demure. But her upper body is so monstrously huge, it is unreal! Her lats are so massive and beefed up, she looks like she can pound me through a wall without breaking a sweat. The density and thickness of her abs is impressive as well, I just love the way they bulge out so much.

Thats an impressive latspread! Just look at her easy smile, as she spreads her beefy lats so wide. Its insane! And her pecs look like rock solidifying. And the muscles from her pecs, and her shoulders connect and bulge to shocking proportions. And what a sexy gigantic neck on this very beautiful girl. Yes, she is very dateable. That is if you can get close enough to her. Just check out her massive ribcage. I bet she could expand it so far out it would look like she weighs a quarter of a ton.
Alot more girls should have a back like this. She is so tanned and tall, and her back is so wide, I really think with a mere flex, her back cleavage could crush my little body to a pulp. Thats a dreamgirl!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Adorable Cornelia Brandt

Cornelia is living proof that there can never be too much muscle on girls. Look at her! She has such an adorable smile, she looks so cute and happy! And those lats of hers are so big and sexy you can land airplanes on them. I love as she flexes her ribcage explodes out further and her incredible pecs are so solid.

Those shoulders are unreal! sprawled out wide and Bulging out higher and harder, her muscle engorged shoulders look like they can pulverize rock.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Movies with Muscle- next posting

There are plenty of Hollywood movies (& beyond) that have numerous appearances of female bodybuilders in them. Anything from cameos, to villains, allies or main characters your favorite hardbodied females can be seen in numerous roles.

The only problem I have with this, is they are not shown enough.

Future postings of movies with female bodybuilders in them will be called "Movies with Muscle".

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Isabelle Turell

The hugely muscular Isabelle Turelle, proving that large muscular females are indeed feminine. Posted by Hello

One of the most muscularly developed ladies out there, Isabelle Turell has continued to improve upon an already near perfect work of art. Her body. Stunningly chiseled abs, brutally muscular arms and even more massive legs, and lats that probably make Arnold Schwarzenegger look like he's shrinking when she sprawls them. If you are a female bodybuilder fan who loves lots of muscle, this is the woman to watch.

Although her online bodybuilding journal is rarely updated...I was amazed to read that she was practicing a front lat spread, and her back sprawed so wide that her shirt could no longer contain her body. And she literally rippled and inhaled to such a degree her shirt ripped apart. She is accepting memberships to her website, and also looking for donations to maintain her incredible bodybuilding regimen.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

New Female Bodybuilding rules

Its about time female bodybuilding have the official front & rear lat spreads. And it appears to me that it also has given room for more of the heavyweight female bodybuilders in the sport. Finally!!!!

I think the women in all the classes can exibit an amazing muscularity. But I confess, I am a size fan as well. I really love it when the heavyweight class comes in, because it usually ends up being phenomenal. There is really such a huge list of female bodybuilders who've added so much muscle to thier physiques, I just think it is beautiful. The womans body is attractive in many forms, however when these ladies exibit such a hyper muscularity, that is by far the most beautiful and closest to physical perfection.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Female Bodybuilding- GET BIG

Female bodybuilding has always been a secular sport, but it has made progress into the mainstream. Sometimes its in a tv show or news story. But often the news has treated (particularly) female bodybuilding with skepticism of not just how healthy they are, but on the femininity these ladies possess.
To me however, a womans femininity has never been more true than when she can exhibit a high degree muscularity. I think woman with big muscles are sexy. Think about it, isnt it pleasing to the eye? Even in the sense of pure symmetry. Their shoulders and lats flare out wider than any girl-next-door can possibly compete with. Their chiseled and pumped upper body make the muscle plated waist look even thinner. Everything from thier arms down to thier calves show that these women put more work into their physiques than even their male bodbuilders do.
Yes, even various female bodybuilders are willing to speak honestly about thier male counterparts in the gym. Women train smarter AND they train HARDER. So if the young lady has bigger biceps than the guy I am taking tips from, not only am I going to ask tips from her, but as a guy...I think that is sexy! I notice more often that females enter weightlifting gyms alot now, not fitness clubs....weightlifting. I encourage this, ladies. Muscular is sexy. Bigger is better.
The tv has always been famous for hitting us over the head with size ZERO women, and even ladies as low as a size 2 are called too big. Women are not meant to be confined in such tiny stereotypes that make them, so small. Waifish women, bulimic women & anorexic women.
When a woman tries to look the way the giggling toothpick-of-a-girl on tv looks, she sells out herself. So I say lift those weights. Because the more massive her muscularity is, the more beautiful she becomes.